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The Rental Suitability Law has been reinstated after a three year suspension. On April 17, 2008, Judge Greenspan of Common Pleas Court approved a stipulation between the City of Philadelphia and the landlord lobby suspending enforcement of the law. However, as of August 7, 2011, landlords will once again be required to provide each new tenant with a certification that the property being offered to them is free of health and safety defects. A consent order agreed to by TURN, the City of Philadelphia and the landlord lobby and approved by Judge Fox reinstated this ground breaking tenant protection law.

The Rental Suitability Certificate is required each time a vacant unit is rented and is in addition to the annual Housing Inspection License currently required of all landlords. This Certificate is issued online by the Department of Licenses and Inspections to the property owner desiring to rent and will confirm that: 1) there are no uncorrected code violations on record with the Department; 2) the owner has certified that there are no health or safety defects; and 3) the legal occupants of the rental property will be given notice of their rights to inspections and repairs